Physical Environmental Data from St John and St Thomas Islands

The following table includes a data catalogue of physical environmental conditions. For a complete data catalogue, or research focused on octocoral community ecology and scleractinia community ecology, please see one of the following pages:
Scleractinia Community Ecology            Complete Data Catalogue           Octocoral Community Ecology

Data available for download, subject to the Data Use Agreement.

Dataset Title
Years Associated Manuscript Spatial Scale Data Table Table Title Download
Virgin Islands National Park: Coral Reef: Reference: Geography 1987-2013 Not Applicable Not Applicable 1 Site Locations data and metadata
Virgin Islands National Park: Coral Reef: Physical measurements 1999-Present
Local 1 Yawzi Water Temperature – Daily Average data and metadata
2 Yawzi Water Temperature – 15 and 30 minute intervals
3 Average Monthly Rainfall
4 Light Intensity – Daily
5 Light Intensity – 5 min
6 Light Intensity – 30 sec