Our research program in St. John involves a strong component of outreach activities that local schools in southern California and children hosted at our research base in the Virgin Islands.  Our activities involve 6 elements:
  1. School visits by faculty and graduate students to promote scientific discovery, STEM careers, and engagement in the scientific process
  2. Integration of teachers in field activities in St. John, which involves instructional activities with local children, original research, and exposure to natural history.
  3. Engagement of children in partner schools with research activities focused on crowd-sourced analyses of underwater imagery as guided within a “marine biology club” format by graduate students, teachers, and university faculty
  4. Entrainment of children in long incremental science education flowing from highschool to university and exploiting REU and RET supplements from NSF
  5. Production of lesson plans based on field activities
  6. Peer reviewed publications involving teachers, students, and faculty

Outreach Partners

Viewpoint School — https://www.viewpoint.org/podium/default.aspx?t=166376
Campbell Hall school — http://www.campbellhall.org
Calabasas High School — http://www.calabasashigh.net

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