Our studies of benthic community structure began in December 1987 (two sites, Yawzi Point and Tektite), and were expanded in 1992 (five sites, that were randomly selected), and this portion of the study provides the backbone to the multidecadal analysis.  It was conceived to match the prevailing approach to analyses of benthic community structure of coral reefs, and therefore is built upon photoquadrats providing resolution (as percent cover) of scleractinians, macroalgae, and a combined category of crustose coralline algae, algal turf, and bare space (CTB).  The photoquadarts provide an unrivalled set of legacy data that is available for further analyses of coral reef community structure.  In 1994 and 1996, the study was expanded to provide annual surveys of the density, growth and mortality of juvenile corals (≤ 4 cm diameter) at 7-9 m depth, and recruitment of stony corals to settlement tiles (at 5 m depth), respectively.

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